Areas of Practice

Melita Law practice areas include:

Property Damage and Property Disputes

Melita Law handles a variety of property issues, from vehicle damage, to disputes over property lines. We use our extensive experience in the field to ensure that the case is settled amicably and the parties can leave feeling satisfied. A good negotiation ensures that costs are avoided so that the most is achieved on both sides. If a deal cannot be brokered, Melita Law works valiantly to ensure a successful outcome and does not settle a matter if the result would be better at trial. Throughout either process, Melita Law ensures that clients stay appraised of the progress and are fully informed of possible risks and/or costs involved. Whether settled or litigated, clients can trust that their case is being handled with due diligence, professionalism, and efficiency in mind.

Matrimonial and Family Law

We represent both petitioners and respondents in matrimonial and family matters on a daily basis. We understand the strain that family and matrimonial matters can have on relationships. While representing clients, we try to broker a better relationship within the parties’ new familial arrangement. We listen to the needs and wants of our clients and try to balance those within the confines of the law. We always look for the best interest of our clients, while keeping in mind that the law always values the interest of any children involved first. We make sure not to prolong a matter with unnecessary pleadings, but take full advantage of any and all motions that may increase the clients’ chances of success. In family and matrimonial matters, we strive for all parties to be satisfied at the end of case, rather than continue living with strained relationships or hard feelings. We understand family and matrimonial matters are first and foremost, matters of the heart, and our approach is delicate but efficient.


Our office offers a professional environment and trusted experience for both residential and commercial closings. We know that buying a house or investing in a property are very important decisions. Transitions into ownership have to be achieved smoothly and efficiently. Our office will ensure each client’s closing is exactly that so that they move on to the next step in their life or their career.


We firmly believe that a lot of disputes can be avoided by calm but assertive discussion between the parties. Many times parties are so emotionally invested in a dispute that they fail to see the zone of possible agreement that would avoid not only cost, but stress and anguish. They need a neutral party that sees the issue from both sides, from both a factual and a legal basis, to broker a meeting, actively listen, process the information obtained, and help the parties see each other’s points of view for a possible mutually agreeable resolution. We are here to help. Mediating issues with the help of our office ensures saved long term relationships, saved costs, and saved peace of mind. We want our clients to let us do the work for them so that they can move forward with confidence.